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Infamy Bron Hoshin reboot by Stardust-Dragon
Infamy Bron Hoshin reboot
Bron becomes too consumed with his own ambitions and the ideals of the mastermind leader of R.E.B.E.L. that he decides to seek justice his own way through sheer force, intimidation, and if necessary....kill your enemies. With his mind adapting to sinister plots, Bron's appearance also change to a a more pale colored skin and very vascular tone on his body with veins easily displayed and his Atchaic powers slowly consume his left arm with molten rocks and lava overflow. His sword also evolves into a more crescent shape with spikes on the handle cover to execute deadly backhand attacks.
Bron Hoshin adolescent reboot by Stardust-Dragon
Bron Hoshin adolescent reboot
In later years, Bron separates himself from the organization he once stood proud for, including his partnership with Leon, and joins a federation to links to his moral interests of rebellion against the evolving empire of terra forming. Dedicated to traveling solo he is accompanied with Cecil and decides to announce her as co-pilot of his starship, Bahamut. Bron's Archaic fire powers remain with him along a newly upgraded Fafnir Fang and is titled by the entire population as the Black Rebel, known for his push and shove method to get the job done and forced intimidation in interrogation situations.
Supernova Bron reboot by Stardust-Dragon
Supernova Bron reboot
The super Archaic tranformation form of Bron Hoshin. Bron's fire powers and speed skyrockets with ability to conjure volcanic eruptions at his surroundings and form molten craters underneath.
Supercharged Leon reboot by Stardust-Dragon
Supercharged Leon reboot
The super Archaic transformation form of Leon Hoshin. Leon's lightning powers elevate to higher heights in means of power and strength. Leon can conjure lightning storms and hurricanes at will with devastating lightning bolts striking from above and fully charges himself if struck.
Cecil Monigue reboot by Stardust-Dragon
Cecil Monigue reboot
The young sister of Clair Montigue and partner in the intergalactic organization of peace keepers. Unlike her older sister, Cecil suits her life through elegance and displays very formal lady-like manners in the company of others. Cecil dislikes the character Clair displays and the rowdy adventures she has to endure with her but nevertheless she draws herself close to her sister and leaves Quad fearing that Clair's life would be in danger of she goes alone. Cecil's Archaic powers is psychic powers that puts immense mental strain on her but executes devastating forces from lifting objects at will to force holding spaceships at position. Fearing that her powers may drain her life force, Cecil refuses to use her psychic abilities and only through dire crisis.


Savior-Star Dragon
United States
Current Residence: Apartment
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock and Soundtrack
Favourite style of art: Comic and Manga
Operating System: Labtop, PSP, PS3, IPhone, DS and Wii. (WiFi Rocks!)
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Wallpaper of choice: Rockman Zero
Skin of choice: any
Favourite cartoon character: SUPER SAIYAN 3 VEGETA!!!!
Personal Quote: "Almost Easy"
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Iconoclast - Komoto
  • Playing: BlazBlue Portable
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water

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